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Sweet! You made it. Either you love photography and just want to see some cool art, you want to promote art with your product in it, or you want to be in art yourself. Either way, I'm stoked to have you here. 

I fell in love with photography in a tiny town in Oregon about 15 years ago now. Living in a small town, I had to learn how to do it all. I worked for five local  newspapers, photographed families with lions and tigers at a Game Park Safari, freelanced for travel magazines, and built my business from the ground up. I've come a long way since then, but if you're looking for a commercial photographer, I'm your gal. 


Featured Clients:

  • Airbnb

  • Travel Oregon

  • The Hasson Company

  • Only In Your State

  • Eugene Weekly

  • Architectural Digest

  • That Oregon Life

  • Sotheby's

  • Coast Explorer Magazine

  • The World News

  • The Whiteaker Farmers Market 

  • The Whiteaker Community Council

  • Sasquatch Music Festival 

  • WTF! Festival 

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