As a commercial photographer that works in both graphic design and marketing with over 15 years  of experience, I can help you strategically reach clients through imagery. By using intentional branding concepts, taking the time to understand your target market, and remaining authentic to your brand and voice through imagery, growth is inevitable. 


I've designed billboards, bus ads, newspaper ads, imagery for websites, printed products, and social media ads.  


Featured Clients:


  • Airbnb

  • Travel Oregon

  • The Hasson Company

  • Only In Your State

  • Eugene Weekly

  • Architectural Digest

  • That Oregon Life

  • Sotheby's

  • Coast Explorer Magazine

  • The World News

  • The Whiteaker Farmers Market 

  • The Whiteaker Community Council

  • Sasquatch Music Festival 

  • WTF! Festival